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Big Boss Video Songs
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Crazy combination of chiru and vijayabapineedu didn’t live upto expectations this time. Especially after a super-duper success of Gang Leader a lot was expected from this combo.BIG BOSSStory starts with a young man Surendra(chiru) landing in a chilakaluripeta for a job and being mistaken as MegaStar chiranjeevi, by Ali.
He witnesses rivalry between two mafia gangs at that place.After a fight with a street goon, he is recognized by one gang and encouraged to become a don.BIG BOSS
He rents a room in Madhavi’s house, who lives with her sister Roja and granny(nirmalamma).After few routine scenes, Roja falls in love with surendra and expresses her love.But Bavaraju Surendra, by that time becomes BaSu(Boss) as he calls himself.He, being uncertain about his future, rejects roja’s proposal and starts lookings for matches for her.Meanwhile, his mother(sujatha) ,younger brother and sister moves to his place and starts living with him. His mother worries about his lifestyle and his future.

One day, she recognizes Kota, the rival gang leader as the destroyer of her family.Boss’s family is kidnapped by villain(kota) and how BOSS rescues them forms the climax of this movie.Disappointing script and dialogues from vijayabapineedu and parachuri brothers.Music by Bappi lahiri doesn’t live upto expectations, especially after Gang leader and Rowdy Alludu.
First song was well shot in between fans on Chiru’s birthday(22 aug 1994), in typical Michael Jackson’s style.Fights deserve a mention in this not so special movie.
Few scenes were well shot, for instance, when Inspector(Bharani) comes to arrest BOSS, who is on Ayyappa deeksha, and climax fight.