Bham Bholenath Review

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Srikanth Dantuluri
Movie Genre
Comedy Romance
Bham Bholenath Review
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Bham Bolenath jeevi reviewVishnu (Navdeep) is a bright student who struggles to find a decent job. His girlfriend Sri Lakshmi (Pooja Zaveri) wants him to have a job so that she can break their news to her rich father. Krishna (Naveen Chandra) is a thief who steals valuables stuff and sells it to sethji (Posani). His aim is to go to Dubai and settle as a don. Rocky (Pradeep Machiraju) and Roshan (Kireeti Damaraju) are drug addicts and nitwits. These three different stories culminate into series of coincidences which create comedy of confusion.

Artists Performance

Bham Bolenath jeevi reviewActors: Navdeep is a proven actor and he is pretty good for the role of a young and honest guy who is forced to chose a wrong path. Naveen Chandra is suited well for the role of a thief. Pradeep and Kireeti characters remind us of Ramesh-Suresh duo from Cadbury ads. It’s an usual role for Posani Krishna Murali. Pankaj Kesari who has given an intense performance in Kaalicharan did the role of a bad guy with comic touch (he is an Ilayaraja fan). Pooja Zaveri and other female leads are alright. Fish Venkat’s character has generated good comedy (though routine one). Naveen Neni is pretty good as Navdeep’s buddy.

Technical departments

Bham Bolenath jeevi reviewStory - screenplay - direction: It’s a crime comedy film which has roots in such English films (Snatch - a couple of scenes are lifted from that film too). It’s a risky genre to do in Telugu and it becomes more risky if it’s dark (since story involves drugs abuse etc). Debutant director Karthik Varma Dandu does a decent job for the genre he has chosen. He starts off the film on a flashback mode and sets the theme up by the interval. It becomes a road film that leads to comedy of confusion in the second half. The scenes leading to climax become little repetitive. Screenplay of the film is partly good.

Bham Bolenath jeevi review Other departments: Cinematography by Bharani K Dharan is neat. Music by Sai Karthik is alright. Dialogues written by Saran and Karthik Varma are good. Editing should have been better. Production values are adequate.

Bham Bolenath jeevi review
Analysis: Bham Bolenath is a dark comedy in thriller genre. A kind of genre Telugu audiences are not accustomed with. At the same time, it’s not a gritty thriller like those in British/Hollywood films. There are quite a few entertaining moments. But, we have to wait and see if the dark nature of this film (drugs abuse etc) offends the sensibilities of an average Telugu movie goer. On a whole, Bham Bolenath is not a bad movie, but a quirky comedy that Telugu audiences are not exposed to.