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Betting Bangaraju Trailers
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Bangarraju (Naresh) is well known for his betting activities in his village and he is born with a golden spoon of luck. His life takes a little turn when he decides to marry a city girl from Hyderabad and fall in love with Divya (Nidhi) when he reaches the city. He proposes to her and is surprised to know there are three others (Amit, Samrat, Sri Akshay) in the race. Divya invites all of them for a test. Who wins the test and tie the knot forms the rest of the story.

Actors Performance
Allari Naresh, as usual gave his best energetic performance. He carried the whole movie on his shoulders. Nidhi has beautiful eyes and very sweet expressions but not so impressive as a heroine must have otherwise her performance is good. Amit looks handsome and his dialogue delivery is also strong. He fits the role very well and he can take up few meatier roles and for a change anything with positive traits will do him good. Samrat is tall and handsome but has a strained body language. If he can pump some confidence in his body language then it could work well. Sri Akshay have good looks and also performed satisfactorily well with his dialogue delivery and other aspects of acting. Raghu Babu has a busy day and he entertains to a great extent in the second half, Krishna Bhagawan was witty, Kota was standard, the ladies did their bit as required. Pilla Prasad, Vijay Sai were okay. The character of ‘Savam’ was hilarious. Chalapathi Rao, L B, Venu, Duvvasi did their bit as required and added value.

The film is basically a comedy treat and enough attempts have been made to keep the smile intact on the faces of the audience. Cinematography was neat, background score was okay and one song is worth taking home. Also, the pace of the film was mild and if there was speed in it, the impact would have been much stronger.