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Badri Video Songs
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Badri (Pawan Kalyan) is an ad agency director whose parents are settled in USA. He has a ladylove called Vennela (Renu Desai), who incidentally is a close family friend of Badri's family. Their parents too want these two lovers to tie the knot. Badri and Vennela are whiling away time, as Vennela did not finish her grads yet. On one of those romantic evenings, Vennela expresses Badri that she loves him very much. But at the same time she does not find the same sincerity in the love of Badri. She also challenges him that no other girl on earth would probably love him more than she does. Badri, who has a weakness of getting carried away in arguments, takes up the challenge immediately. Vennela shows a beautiful girl coming out of the temple and asks him to patao that girl. Then Vennela goes to US to spend time with the parents of Badri. Badri gets the bio-data of the new girl in no time and finds out that her name is 'Sarayu'. She is a pampered yet docile sister of Nanda (Prakash Raj). After doing a few stints he was able to corner Sarayu to the extent that she expresses her love to him and puts forward a marriage proposal for which Badri gives no response. Meantime, Vennela is back and could estimate the body chemistry between Sarayu and Badri. Then she starts regretting for betting with Badri. Badri too was torn between his two ladyloves. Nanda, the brother who is excessively fond of his sister Sarayu, guns for the blood of Badri, as he knows that Badri and Vennela are destined for marriage. As we head for a simple looking yet extremely gripping climax, we have a very heart-touching performance in store. It is advisable to watch it on the big screen than knowing the climax before hand.

Artists Perfomance
Pawan Kalyan He is gone a step ahead in terms of emoting in this film. But he tries to portray too much about him which probably look like he do not deserve. Pawan Kalyan is such an actor that if supported by a good story and characterization can carry the entire burden on him and give a run a way hit. But he did not reach a position where he can deliver a big hit with his screen presence alone. As an actor, he excelled exceedingly well. There are few gems and sparks of scenes in which he proved his ability to show versatility. There is one particular shot in climax in which he acted with such a precision that we feel like seeing Chiranjeevi in place of him. His dialogue delivery has increased tremendously compared to the earlier films. Amisha Patel If you have seen 'Kaho Naa Pyar Hain' and if you want the same kind of Amisha Patel in this film you will be subjected to disappointment. She looks very prim in this film with innocent kind of looks. She wore all traditional dresses(Except of 'Ey Chekitta') in this film.
Renu Desai: She is the surprise pack of the film. She is given more footage than Amisha Patel and she carried her role with the dignity of a sincere lover and carefree attitude of a teenager. Her presence in the film made a difference. Prakash Raj did this role of a pampered relative again. Only difference in his earlier films and this film is that he did not take any class in this film.

Technical Departments
Screenplay & Direction: Jagannath did try something different. But failed to make a universal film that can appeal to all the classes. His characterization of 'Vennela' is excellent. But he could not justify the mystic, enigmatic and surreptitious characterization of 'Badri'. All the scenes that followed after Vennela returned from USA are very well directed. For a debutante, its a ice try. But he lack in making the mass elements click in the film. Ramana Gogula did give good music for songs and background in this film. 'I am an Indian', 'Bagalakhatam' and 'Ey Chikitta' are going well with the viewers. All songs are very good and well pictured. But will they go well with the masses. For example 'Ey Chikitta' has got excellent music in which he Pawan Kalyan can dance like a madmax. But instead he preferred to have walk around in cowboy dress.

If you are expecting another Tammudu out of this film, you have a big disappointment in the store. The film look smooth and in the place as long as Vennela character is in place. The episode of Badri pataoing Sarayu could have dealt in a more delicate manner. The first half of the first half and second half of the second half are very well directed. But in between, the movies makes viewers squirm in the seats. On a whole the most appreciated things in this film are Fights. He did do his fights just the way Chiru did in Gangleader. Next comes the performance of Pawan Kalyan. Third comes the characterization of Pawan Kalyan. Its an adamant and eccentric one. Pawan Kalyan gave statement that his attitute is similar to that of Badri(Can you read in between lines?). Did he get carried away with that weakness? On the other hand, the drawback of 'Badri' characterization is that Badri is from a rich family and he is proud and adamant guy. Pawan Kalyan did sympathetic roles in 'Toliprema' and 'Tammudu' which made him closer the common man so that he can identify himself. But in this film his adamant nature and eccentrics made the character have a few negative shades there by not being liked by everybody. At the same time there are sparks of casual comments and jokes in this film. The animosity between Badri and Nanda Their ego clash is shown in a creative way. The eccentric dialogues of Badri on irritated Nanda make the viewers thrilled. If you are eagerly waiting or in a hurry to watch this film, you will get disappointed. But watch this film at your leisure, you can get the aesthetic juice out of this efferent film.