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Badrachalam Video Songs
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The film is about Bhadrachalam (Srihari), hailing from a remote village, who wins in an international boxing championship. Bhadrachalam, youngest of three brothers, is constantly heckled by his sisters-in-law for his voracious appetite. In a typical village sport, of running with a paddy bag on the back, the hero wins. However, it is a pity to watch the bags oscillating on the backs of the contestants as they run (the bags are obviously packed with light material).

Mahalakshmi (Sindu) arrives at the village to sell some property to raise money for her father Parasuram's (Vijaychander) heart surgery. Parasuram, a guru in martial arts, runs a coaching centre in 'Taekwondo'. Suraj (Gazan Khan), his prime disciple, proves ungrateful after he wins an international championship and even manhandles the old man.

Parasuram, who is in search of another young man, finds in Bhadrachalam a loyal and hardworking disciple. Though the hero hesitates to move out of the village initially, he does so with the (financial and moral) help of his niece and other villagers.

The second part of the film is devoted to the championship. In between, there are scenes showing Bhadrachalam going into bad company of Achibabu and Buchibabu (Kota Srinivasa Rao) who try to exploit the innocence and muscle power of Bhadrachalm, for extortion. Later, he keeps them at bay. A well-trained Bhadrachalam is sent to Thailand for the competition. Suraj does not like the idea at first but later befriends Bhadrachalam, when the country's honor is at stake.

It is Srihari all the way. The subtle relationship between Bhadrachalam and Mahalakshmi carries some element of a dignified romance. A rich girl named Latha (Roopa) also vies with Mahalakshmi for Bhadrachalam. Latha not only sponsors his visit to Thailand, but also accompanies him with a desire to capture his heart. Srihari performs well, with his usual ease. Fight master Vijay contributes well to the action scenes. Vijaychander as his guru and Sindu as his lover do well in their respective roles. Roopa, in her brief role, looks mischievous. Gazan Khan plays a perfect rival to Bhadrachalm. Songs are of secondary importance in this kind of subject. Vandemataram, however, provides good background music.