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Baava Video Songs
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Set on the backdrop of Venkatapuram in the Godavari district, Veera Babu (Siddharth) is the darling son of Sitaram Prasad (Rajendra Prasad). He is a complete brat and causes trouble in the village along with his group of friends (Prasad, Venu and others). He chances upon Varalakshmi (Pranitha), whose father (Ahuti Prasad) is a man of high status and talks to only such people. However, love blossoms between Veera Babu and Varalakshmi as they go a long way back. On the other hand, Sitaram Prasad has got a strong link with Varalakshmi’s family but stays away from them. What is that link? Does Veera Babu succeed in his love story? All this forms the rest of the story. Telugu Movie Reviews.

Artists Performance
Siddarth does his best to infuse life into his character and as usual, he is lively and expressive wherever required. His attempt to speak in the coastal slang must be appreciated. However, he got quite dramatic and artificial in the climax. Rajendra Prasad was mild. His character was not etched properly and in a way, he was not used to his fullest caliber. He excelled in a bit of mono action in the fields in first half. Pranitha looks homely and at the same time has enough sex appeal. She has shown ease and confidence in front of the camera. That way, she has scored in glamour and performance departments. Her intro scene with ‘Ringa Ringa..’ song is entertaining. Ahuti Prasad was regular, Tanikella was neat, Samrat was handsome and did a good job, Brahmi and Ali comedy track took off well but fizzled out, Raghu Babu was brief, Prasad, Venu and gang gave many smiles, Kasi Viswanath, Bharath and others were there to fill the screen. The actress who did the role of Siddarth’s mom was decent, Sindhu Tolani was a misfit.

Final Analysis
The film takes off at a very good level and the entire first half goes breezily with comedy and entertainment. However, things go completely down during the second half and with each passing scene, audience’s patience is tested. The film suffers due to lack of depth during the emotional scenes and for some reason, the last twenty minutes went completely haywire and director lost track of what he wants to do. It was rather different to seeaudience clapping and whistling at some of the tragedy and emotional sequences which goes to show how the film got dragged and bored the viewer. The storyline is quite routine and one has seen the routine twists before. On the bright side, the technical aspects are good. Cinematography was top notch. Background score was good, two songs were melodious, dialogues were well written, screenplay was okay. Editing was most needed during the second half to cut the drag scenes and melodrama. Locations were eye catching. Overall, the openings for the film will be good due to the Siddarth factor and old loyal fans of Rajendra Prasad but then it is very hard for the film to get into the profit zone at the box office due to the squabbled second half.