Avunu Valliddaru Ista Paddaru Video Songs

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Avunu Valliddaru Ista Paddaru Video Songs
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Anil is an unemployed postgraduate. After trying for too many jobs, he settles for a night watchman job. He desperately needs a room to stay in the city. There lies a colony with 5-6 specimens, who have a unique style of living their own life and seeing the outer world. One specimen gives him a room on the condition that he should be there in room only during daytime. Actually that room belongs to a lady called Swathi, who works in a software company. They manage in such a way that Swathi is unaware of the fact that another person is staying at her place when she goes office. Even though Anil knows that he is staying in an unknown girl's room, he is never bothered to know about that girl. After a month, Anil breaks an artifact by accident and he does not want to face the embarrassment. Hence he leaves a letter to the girl telling what exactly has happened. Liked by frankness, Swathi lets him stay in her house (in her absence). They become good roommates by exchanging letters and cute things, though they never bother to see each other. They fall in love as well.

Anil happens to meet Swathi at a restaurant and when her purse is stolen, she turns her finger towards Anil. They start off as enemies and then they culminate becoming friends. Both these people have one name to communicate through letters by staying in the same place. At the same time, they live as friends outside. And both of them do not know that these friends are none but the roommates turned letter-lovers.After sometime, Anil realizes that his roommate is none but his friend. But he wants that thrill to be continued. So he does not reveal this fact to her. The girl wants to see her roommate only during the time of their wedding. At this juncture Anand, brother of Swathy's boss, falls in love with her. He has a notorious past of attempting suicide when a girl rejected his love. At the same time, he does not want to face the rejection again. The parents of Anand, go to the parents of Swathy for fixing the marriage alliance. They also promise that they take care of marriage of their other daughters as well. Swathy's father is a poor man with three daughters. Even then, he says he would consider Swathy's permission before Okaying the alliance.

Now Swathy is in a fix whether to go for Anil and do justice to her love or to accept Anand and be a responsible daughter. After coming to know about this problem, Anil writes a letter saying that he is leaving from her room and her life as he got hold of a rich girl friend. The real Anil, who is friend of Swathy, advises her that she should forget Anil and marry Anand to make her parents and sisters feel happy. Whom would Swathy marry? Anil or Anand?? You much watch this class and sensible comedy flick on big screen to know yourself.

Artists Perfomance
Ravi Teja did wonderful job as Anil in this film. He did not go over board anywhere and gave a very controlled performance. Even his diction is very different in this film.Kalyani is another classic heroine of Vamsy who is beautifully molded in to a lovely character called Swathy. She etches very good impression on the hearts of viewers with her apt histrionics. There are very few directors in Telugu film industry, who makes sure that each and every character in the film has a role to play and an impact to make. Vamy is one among them. Especially the inmates of that colony remind me of those lovely characters of Gauls village in 'Asterix comics series'. The most impressive one of them is the character of 'Buddi raju', whose get up reminds me of 'Common Man' of RK Lakshman's cartoons. His walking style and mannerism reminds me of Bapu cartoons. The quick protests like 'Nenu Voppukonu' and prompt compromises like 'Aithe OK' reminds me of Mullapudi Venkata Ramana's comedy stories.

Technical Departments
Screenplay - Direction:Vamsy's style of presentation is unique and unparallel. I still remember that most impressive frame of 'Ladies Tailer' where half of the 35mm film occupies the sewing machine and the remaining half occupies half of spectacles-clad face of Rajendra Prasad. In this film too, the way he used to camera is very unique. Showing the adult relationships in a sensible way (remember the penu korukudu Satyam in April 1 Vidudala?), still make it acceptable is also another forte to him. He used all his experience to narrate this film in a sensible and subtle manner. Story of the film is based on a short line, which is very difficult to expand it to 2 and half hours and narrate it in an interesting manner. Another good aspect of this film are the dialogues that are penned by popular comedy play writer Sankaramanchi Partha Saradhi. He used all his experience to write some sensible situational comedy dialogues. Music of the film is excellent, except for the two racy tunes. But Chakri disappointed the crowds with his background score, though.

First half of the film offers 100% entertainment. The second half is OK, but lacks its pace. There are few dull moments in the second half. Made with a different story, narrated in a creative manner, 'Avunu Valliddaru Ista Paddaru' will entertain you in a big way, if you have taste of class films and situational comedy sequences.