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Avakai Biryani Trailers
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Akbar Kalam (Kamal Kamaraju) is an auto driver in a small town Devarakonda (Nizam area). He is a poor guy who wants to pursue his degree through an open university, but fails in English language due to lack of coaching. Lakshmi Jandhyala comes to Devarakonda along with her parents and siblings after they lose everything in Polavaram. Lakshmi wants to start her life afresh by taking the responsibility of running her house by preparing pickles and selling them. Lakshmi's father hates Muslim community and asks his family members to stay away from them. Lakshmi likes the individuality and the Good Samaritan nature of Akbar. The rest of the story is all about how Akbar and Lakshmi get united.

Artists Performance
Kamal Kamaraju was a little inflexible in the role of a cop in Godavari. But he is a revelation in this film. He understood the character well and acted like a perfect method actor. His expressions, body language and dialogue modulation are impeccable. His performance in the scene where he questions the chief minister is awesome. Telugu film industry has got yet another fine actor in the form of Kamal with Avakai Biryani film. Bindu Madhavi is very attractive in the role of a heroine. She is quite photogenic with perfect Telugu features. But she has to work on the body language (especially hand movements and postures). And if we don't find her character endearing in this film, it is not her fault. We generally have the tendency to mistake the characterization as the acting. Her character loses out in this film because of the poor characterization done by the director. Rao Ramesh mixed the dialogue delivery of his legendry father Rao Gopal Rao and the body language of Prakash Raj to play the character of Masterji in this film. Though Rao Ramesh is pretty good, he should consider underplaying the characters than dominating them. The guy who did the role of tapori (hero's friend with goggles and blade) oozes ease coupled with and spontaneity. He is a precious find in this film. The characterization of this guy's character is good. The kid who did the role of hero's assistant is terrific.

Technical departments
Story - screenplay - direction: Earlier Anish Kuruvilla directed a short film called 'Confessions of a Filmmaker' and screened it to the press. After watching the film, I felt that he is a director material but he has to work on expressing his thoughts in a systematic way. But again, it was supposed to be a short film and a personal film. When you make a full-length feature film like Avakai Biryani for the public, there is some minimum structure/grammar to be followed while narrating the story. There are certain set of methods to be adhered to in order to evoke emotions among the audiences. He did not follow any of it. The direction of the film is ok in parts. But the screenplay is bad. Narration of the film is pathetically slow. It literally moves at a snail's pace. There are glaring mistakes/loopholes in the script. If the producer were someone else, I wouldn't have even bothered to write down a review. A film like Avakai Biryani is quite unexpected from Sekhar Kammula who gave a new meaning to Telugu movies with the films like Dollar Dreams, Anand, Godavari & Happy Days. All his films had nice emotions. Cinematography is the highlight of the film. The framing and the camera movements are lovely. The vast landscapes are captured with a lot of aesthetic sense. Music of the film is another plus point. All the songs are very good. Good music and good cinematography makes the song visuals more appealing. Dialogues should have been more interesting. Editing should have been better. Production values are nice. Anish Kuruvilla should be appreciated for extracting the best from cinematographer and the music director.

The first fifteen minutes of the film is good where all the characters are introduced. But movie fails to take off from there. The CM episode is good, but no efforts were made to capitalize on it. The prolonged auto race in the second half looks more like a climax point in the film as people have forgotten about unresolved point is the love story between a Hindu girl and a Muslim boy by then. The second half lacks emotional impact and is devoid of gripping narration. Lack of consistent conflict point makes Avakai Biryani insipid. It is an honest effort from Anish Kuruvilla, but falls short of the threshold level. Though the cinematography, music and intentions are good, a bad screenplay and painstakingly slow narration makes Avakai Biryani taste bitter