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Asadhyudu Video Songs
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The story pans out on Pardhu (Kalyan Ram), an angry young student who gets aroused by inequities around him. Prakash (Ravi Kale) and his brother Thambi are hardened criminals. Their violent writ runs all over. Obviously Pardhu runs into them. Pardhu kills Thambi without the former realizing it. So Prakash is thirsting for revenge. Meanwhile, Pardhu hits it off with Diya, she is the daughter of Raghunath (Charanraj), a big shot in the society. Raghunath is impressed with the boldness of Pardhu and agrees to marry his daughter to him. In the meantime, Pardhu is sought to be bumped off and he comes to know that Raghunath has been trying to eliminate him? Why? And how Pardhu manages to ward off the evil forces form the rest of the story. There is a touching sentimental thread woven around the revenge plot.

Though the first half moves on expected lines, the director manages to fuse an element of suspense and thrill. In the event, the film is gritty and manages to keep you engrossed.
The film's main asset is Kalyan Ram. With the confidence of a success behind him, he has quickly matured to be a seasoned performer. His dialogue delivery has just got better and his histrionics are more than adequate. In action sequences, he is robust. The director has given him plenty of 'punch dialogues' and delivers them with certain amount of style.

Diya has a minuscule role and has nothing much to do. Ravi kale is increasingly come into his own. Charanraj is as ever efficient. Vinayagan provides the lighter moments.Chakri's songs have the necessary burst and energy. The mass songs are rambunctious while the melodious ones are soothing. The camera work is neat and unobtrusive.Anil Krishna as a director has certainly worked in getting the script interesting. His work, especially in the second half, shows. He is impressive and has the nous to be a good commercial director.Asadhyudu promised entertainment. And has delivered on that.