Anumanaspadam Review

Jai Arnala
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Anumanaspadam Review
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Aryan Rajesh and Hamsa Nandini Director Vamsy has given huge hits in the past. He created a niche for himself, along with his trademark directorial and editing touches. When one watches a movie made by him, his uniqueness, creativity and even madness can be easily distinguished. From April 1 Vidudala to Avunu Vallidaru Ishtapaddaru, he has delivered. His past few ventures have not done well. After Anveshana, he made a suspense thriller yet again, that too in a forest backdrop. But unfortunately, it is less thrilling and more drilling-in the head.

Plot Bhasu (Aryan Rajesh) gets hold of a map that holds the key to Veerappan's treasures. He gets hold of a team including a driver, a cook, a forest guide, a doctor, a land mine detector and a bomb diffuser. He along with his friend, who is an insomniac (so he can guard them in the night), set out to find the treasure in the forest. Their adventurous trip goes haywire, when the killings begin. They meet suspicious characters who scare them about Veerappan, and that he is still alive. Who the murderer is and how the rest of them survive makes up the story.

Meanwhile, Bhasu falls in love with the doctor Devika (Hamsa Nandini), who is interested only in money. Kamini (Vanitha Reddy), the bomb diffuser, keeps taking a bath in a tub in the middle of the forest. In between, we have songs with Kamini wearing skimpy outfits and looking scary.

Hamsa NandiniStory, Screenplay and Direction 'Suspense-Thriller' are two very wrongly chosen words to describe this movie. Because it oscillates between being predictable and monotonous. The camera zooms in to the treasure-hunting team whenever someone tells them Veerappan is alive, and the background music blasts full volume. Then there is this whole issue about Veerappan being God, and temples of his all over Tamil Nadu. The rest of the plot makes us wary, but this part is downright disgusting.

The flaws in the direction, editing and continuity cannot even be counted. In the very first scene, Bhasu is seen as a reporter for a news channel. He is talking on the mike, with his back to the channel's camera. Are people going to watch his back torso report? The entire tracks involving the two girls are utterly ridiculous. Bhasu and Devika's conversations were definitely written by an 8 year old. No one talks in such a juvenile manner. And Kamini is taking a bubble bath in the middle of a forest. All the time. Otherwise she is running around in the forest singing, wearing a two-piece, for 20 seconds. With absolutely no connection to the present scene.

So basically the attempts to add some sizzle with skin show are lost. The attempt to add some suspense by unconnected scenes is washed away. The only part where one wakes up is the climax, just to see who the real culprit is. After that, it’s time to yawn and go home. The dialogues, the editing, the camera work, the romance, the comedy and most importantly, the thriller part of it, everything falls flat.

Vanitha ReddyPerformances Jayaprakash Reddy as the forest guide and Tanikella Bharini are convincing. The rest of them, especially the male lead and the two girls have badly written roles, and do nothing to better them. The actors who played the land mine expert, the driver and the cook respectively are bearable.

Song and Dance Maestro Ilayaraja's music is not utilized to its potential. Vamsy's songs are immediately recognizable. In this case too, he adds his peculiar touches. Devika's bindi plays hide and seek in one song. Then in another, the two leads wear white while the rest of the canvas is full of rainbow colors. The movie is not interesting enough in the first place, so the songs do nothing to elevate its status.