Anukokunda Oka Roju Video Songs

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Anukokunda Oka Roju Video Songs
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A movie or a book doesn't inspire me. Real life incidents do inspire me. There are certain people who drink beyond their capabilities and start doing nonsensical things, which they do not remember when they get up the next day. If alcohol could have such an impact, what would be the effect of drugs? You would not remember the next day what happened when you were drugged. This formed the basic story idea. This film is about the things a girl did after she was drugged.

I wanted to give the color of drug mafia to the entire film till I saw a few Swamijis. There are two types of Swamijis. One kind of Swamijis cheats people for money. There are some other kind of mad Swamijis who do believe that the mad things they do are miracles. I observed a Swamiji from a major city in AP who offers water from drainage to the devotees and make them drink. Another Swamiji from an AP village has far dangerous way of functioning. He would be roaming nude and there are numerous worshippers to him who are willing to do whatever he orders. All he does is nonsense and all those followers blindly believe him. I saw him doing unspeakable things (homo sex) in public, and the devotees and public from neighborhood believe that it is a 'leela' of Swamiji. I saw another episode in TV9 where a cross-dressing Swamiji who do nonsensical things. You might have heard about the mass suicide by 900 cult people in west. I have also read a book called 'World Famous Cults' to know more about them. All these incidents inspired in writing the cult people climax in the film.

I find drugs and cult culture similar. Both these things have heavy influence on mind. In fact, Cult culture is more dangerous than drugs. I mixed these two ingredients to make Anukokunda Oka Roju.