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The Aatmalingam is situated in Himalayas that posses enormous divine powers. Once every 72 years, Akasa Ganga from sky flows into the Aatmalingam. The ones who can drink holy water of Akasa Ganga that flows through Atmalingam at that moment would become younger and remain eternal with supernatural powers.

In 1932, a youngster called Bhatia (Bhupinder Singh) attempts to get hold of Atmalingam and drink Akasa Ganga. But one of the powerful tools of God truncates his right arm. He grows up and Bhatia's (Tinu Anand) age is 99. Bhatia searches for the traces of Aatma Lingam, but in vain. The Akasaganga is slated to flow to earth for Atmalingam in 2004 again.

A professor who made a lifetime research on Aatmalingam and Akasaganga possesses vital information in a red diary and he couriers it to his student Swapna (Namrata Sirodkar) who is in USA. Swapna is forced to come back to India in search of her professor in forest areas near Uravakonda. There she realizes that her professor is killed. She takes help of Anji (Chiranjeevi). Anji (Chiranjeevi) is a good Samaritan in Uravakonda forest area. He serves the most revered Sivanna (Nagababu)- an ayurvedic specialist - and raises 4 orphans.

Bhatia's men start their hunt for Swapna During this period, Anji accidentally stumbles on 'Atmalingam' and gets it into his possession. After coming to know about it, Bhatia and his men are after Anji and Swapna. And the D Day of Akasa Ganga is fast approaching. Sivanna advises Anji that the Atmalingam should be sent back to where it belongs. Would Anji be able to send Atmalingam where it belongs? Would Bhatia succeed in remaining eternal? Watch the film to know yourself!

Artists Performance
Chiranjeevi The screen presence of Chiranjeevi resembles the way he looked in films like 'Annayya', 'Mrigaraju' and 'Choodalani Vundi'. He excelled in every department of histrionics. He is breath-taking in the horse riding scene. He is excellent in dances, as usual.

Namrata is fair as a research student on a mission who gets caught in the jungles. Savita Reddy dubbed her voice. Rajya Lakshmi is sensuous. Reema Sen, Ramya Krishna & Alphonsa add to the mass elements of the film. Nagababu is good in an elderly role of a mentor to Chiranjeevi. Nobody would recognize Rami Reddy in this film because of his get up. Tinu Anand is good as villain. His makeup suited the age of character. Surya dubbed his voice. Bhupinder Singh played the role of younger version of Tinu Anand and he is unrecognizable. MS Narayana is so so.

Technical Departments

Story: Story of Anji is like a fairy tale with an element of Divinity in it. If we see villains try to appease evil gods to gain powers in typical divine-backdrop films, here we have our villain trying to become immortal by drinking Akasaganga. To get an access to it, he tries to use the people who come on the way and when they do not co-operate, he eliminates them.

Screenplay by MS Arts is not up to the mark in the first half. However, it is comparatively better in second half. Direction by Kodi Rama Krishna is archaic. Narrative is pretty slow. The director should have blended more entertainment while narrating the film.

Visual effects

The main asset of Anji are extraordinary visual effects. The Akasa Ganga episode and formation of lord Shiva would match the heights of Hollywood's stature. The graphics are so good that they alone would give the value for money you spend on movie ticket. However, they have over used graphics for scenes involving MS Narayana to create humor.

Artwork by Ashok is excellent. The climax lead set is exceptionally good. Rerecording of the film is not up to the mark. Photography by Chota K Naidu is good. Background music by Mani Sharma is very good. The songs are good. Dialogues by Satyanand are mediocre. Editing is not crisp. Makeup work is so good that you would not recognize Nagababu, Rami Reddy and Bhupinder Singh in the first look.

Though taken six years to make, Shyam Prasad Reddy should be commended for getting visual effects to Telugu cinema, which are of Hollywood standards. We do admire him for the passion he has for making films.

The movie opened with an excellent flashback. The later part of first half is incoherent. The second half catches up with some pace. The climax episode - studded with stunning visual effects - blows your mind away. Graphics completely dominated the film to such an extent that even Chiranjeevi's character and his heroism was underplayed. The storyline of the film has typical Hollywood feel. And making such a film in Telugu for a 3 hour of duration is cumbersome. The producer should have concentrated more on the script of the film than the graphics. After watching the film again with right DTS mix, the 1st, 12th and 13th reels, the climax and lead scenes to it appears cool. It makes climax so good that it would over-shadow the events that took place before 12th reel. The audience come out of the theater mesmerized by the climax.