Andala Rakshasi Preview

Varahi Chalana Chitram
Sai Shivani
Movie Genre
Andala Rakshasi Preview
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A quirky love tale, the story is set on the backdrop of the early 90s and in here lives Gautham (Rahul Ravindran) a rich guy who sees Mithuna (Lavanya) for the first time and falls in love with her. However she meets with an accident and is on her death bed. Gautham arranges for all surgeries and she recovers but after she gains consciousness, Mithuna asks about Surya (Naveen). Apparently, both are in love with each other but Mithuna is told Surya is dead. Meanwhile, Gautham expresses his feelings and he manages to take her to Ooty. He does all attempts to show his love to Mithuna who is unable to forget Surya. Finally she realizes Gautham’s love and decides to marry him. But a twist in the tale happens and what follows after is the rest of the story.

Naveen Chandra fit the role well and he had that rugged yet artistic look. Not much in terms of expressions or body language but his character etching worked out.

Rahul Ravindran had a naughty spark in his eyes but he has copied Siddharth in his dialogue delivery completely. It would have been better if he didn’t scream so many times.

Lavanya Tripathi is the life and soul for this movie. She is very expressive, naturally beautiful and despite Chinmayi’s dubbing she got the right lip sync. She has got very good potential. But how far she will fit into glamour roles will be a question.

CVL Narasimha Rao was perfect to his role. Pragathi’s over emotional act is usual. Micky was moderate but the dubbing for him by Satish Kasetty was nice. D Murali Krishna made his presence felt as Sarma. The others contributed in their own way.