Anaganaga O Ammayi Video Songs

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Anaganaga  O  Ammayi Video Songs
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Vishnu(Srikanth) is an unemployed who stays along with likewise friends seating for jobs. He is an excellent mimicry artist. He gets pager messages from a girl called Sandhya(Soundarya) for whom he responds in no time by calling her up.

Vishnu elaborates the flashback to the friends who misunderstand the pager relationship between him and Sandhya.

Satya and Sandhya are lovers. Satya's mother gets a heart attack and is admitted in a hospital. Doctor says that she needs to be operated on heart which would cost around 3 lacks. Incidentally that hospital belongs to the employer of Sandhya, Bhavani Prasad. Sandhya pleads Bhavani Prasad to grant her a loan to save her would-be's mother. Bhavani gives her loan to save her day.

Bhavani Prasad himself has a strange family problem. He is the only son of Annapurna. He is abroad bread married another abroad bread girl there. Annapurna is against the decision of Bhavani Prasad. But after coming to know that Bhavani Prasad has a kid Annapurna invites three of them home. But Bhavani Prasad wife dies in an accident. Not wanting to disappoint Annapurna, Bhavani Prasad lies that his wife is angry with Annapurna.

When Sandhya pleads Bhavani Prasad for money, Annapurna misinterprets Sandhya to be her sister-in-law. Then Bhavani Prasad pleads Sandhya to act as his wife for a period of 4 months as after 4 months Bhavani prasad would be leaving India permanently. Sandhya relents the idea. But Satya forces her to act as the wife of Bhavani Prasad as a token of appreciation for the help Bhavani Prasad did for her mother. As Sandhya starts staying with Bhavani Prasad, she presents Satya a pager telling him that she would page him as and when required so that he can talk to her over the phone.

Vishnu is lying on the road in an unconscious stage as the scorching heat added to his hunger. Satya spots him and gives him food and cloths. He takes him to his ailing mother and introduce him to her. As they are returning from hospital Satya dies by saving Vishnu from a gruesome accident. While dying Satya hands over the pager to Vishnu and asks him to take care of Sandhya by talking to her over over phone by mimicking Satya's voice.

As the time is fast approaching for the 4 year contract period to get over Vishnu has got his priorities set right. He has to slowly poison the heart of Sandhya by injecting venom into her over Satya so that she would develop hatred over Satya. He wants Sandhya to hate Satya to an extent of not willing to meet him in her life.

As the tear jerking climax unveils for the viewer, we have to see whom Sandhya will marry and What the fate of Vishnu would be.