Ammayi Bagundi Video Songs

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Ammayi Bagundi Video Songs
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Ammayi Bagundi is Remake version of Tamil Movie parthibhan kanavu and This is an Romance based movie. In which, Siva (Sivaji) is a well-mannered youth who falls in love with a beautiful girl he saw at a bus stop. He is reluctant when his father takes him for pelli choopulu. But, to his amazement, he finds the same girl he saw on the road as the to-be-bride. He happily agrees for the marriage. He follows her secretly to find her likes and dislikes. He gets married to her. And when he is about to take her to his new flat to start his marital life, he sees the exact look alike of his wife on the road. He realizes that there exist two girls with the same features.

After going home, he comes to know that tastes of his wife are exactly opposite to that of the girl he fallen in love at first sight. Shattered by the emotional struggle, Siva decides to know more about the other girl. And to his surprise, the other girl joins the flat that is just opposite to his. They realize that it is just a sheer coincidence that both these girls look alike. Would Siva break his wedlock to go to the girl whom he really loves