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Alasyam Amrutham Trailers
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D. Ramanaidu has made as many as 134 films prior to Alasyam Amrutam. However, this is still special film for the great man as it is his first production after receiving the prestigious Dada Saheb Phalke award. Alasyam Amrutam is directed by Chandra Mahesh, who earlier made successful Preyasi Raave on Suresh Productions banner. This is the immediate film for Ramanaidu after striking gold with Bendu Apparao RMP. Did Ramanaidu bag another hit? Did Chandra Mahesh prove his mettle yet again? Here’s Alasyam Amrutam movie review to find the answers for above questions…

Vaidehi (Madalsa Sharma) runs away from home and reaches Annavaram Railway Station. She plans to commit suicide as her parents fixed her marriage against her likes. She encounters Ram (Nikhil) at the railway station as the duo helps a kid who is about to fall from a bench. Ram and Vaidehi are now on a mission to find that kid’s missing parents amidst the hordes at that Railway station. In this process, Ram comes to know about Vaidehi’s suicide plans and decides to change her idea. The train which Ram is waiting for keeps getting delayed until he finds the kid’s parents and changes Vaidehi’s mindset, thus justifying the title Alasyam Amrutam.

This film is completely set in a railway station and that is the uniqueness in this subject. We have seen Prayanam movie that is set in an airport and here the location confines to a railway station. Although the concept and setup is novel, Alasyam Amrutam lacks that fresh appeal treatment wise. Despite having an interesting premise, the director opted for formulaic ingredients, thus making the film boring and clichéd. Except for a few comedy scenes here and there Alasyam Amrutam gets on to your nerves and puts a serious test to your patience.

Nikhil hasn’t matured as an actor. He doesn’t add any charm to his character. Madalsa Sharma looks elder to Nikhil. Her histrionics are too limited and the poor girl couldn’t emote at all. Only saving grace of this mediocre film is the comedian gang. Everyone in the comedians list gave their best to lift the film but their efforts went in vain.

Paruchuri Brothers despite all that loads of experience fails to make an impression. Poorna K’s photography is okay for a film of this standard. Music by Koti only proved useful to get out of the theatres to feel some fresh air. Thanks to his ‘great’ work that didn’t allow the audiences to sit in their seats. There is nothing worth enough to mention about the rest of the technical crew. Production values are standard.

Chandra Mahesh adopted the eighties style of storytelling and it didn’t help his cause. He should wait for another opportunity to knock at him and hope he would update himself as a director by then.