Adhinetha Video Songs

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K K Radha Mohan
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Adhinetha Video Songs
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Suryanarayana (Jagapathi) is a failed graduate who is basically jobless but then he is one man who stands first when it comes to helping others and bashing the baddies. Worried by his nature, his parents (Annapurna, Chalapathi Rao) decide to speak to the local MLA Sri Ramulu (Paruchuri) and he recommends Suri to the CM (Ahuti Prasad). However, Suri gets to see the level of corruption that is currently on including the CM who takes money. Meanwhile, Suri meets Rajeshwari (Shraddha) and falls in love with her but as destiny would have it, his life takes a turn when Sri Ramulu is killed by the villains (Anand Raj, Supreeth etc) including the CM. Sri Ramulu is more like the godfather for Suri and before he dies, he takes a word from Suri that he would enter politics. true to his word, Suri becomes an independent MLA and with a twist of change, he ends up becoming the CM. Here, he assigns the police inspector Hamsa (Hamsa Nandini) for a special task and even she gets killed. Meanwhile, the former CM begins his plans to oust Suri. How all this is resolved forms the rest of the story.

Jagapathi Babu came across with a neat performance and though he is still struggling with his dance and swift movements during fights, his voice and expressions make up for his presence. Shraddha Das looked a bit different given her non-urban role but she has to work on her dance and expressions. Hamsa looked neat and she has enough oomph in her. Ahuti Prasad was effective, Anandraj was standard, Chalapathi Rao and Annapurna did their bit with grace, Krishna Bhagawan’s comedy was okay. The others came and went.

Technical aspects
The narrative has not been that great and even the presentation was just average. The dialogues failed to capture the audience except twice or thrice. The script was written lengthily and the screenplay was quite haphazard. Music failed to impress as most of the songs looked taken from other tunes and the cinematography was not able to capture the locales or get the moments correctly. Even the angling of the cameras was not apt. editing was curt and it was not smooth and in sync with the sequence. Costumes and art department could have been better.

Critic’s view
he film wanted to show that a common man can also become a Chief Minister but then it lacked the depth or the gravity that could convince the audience. Few scenes were uncalled for and it was an unnecessary drag on the length. The first half of the film was quite stale and things like rugby in village with a coconut and making Jagapathi Babu stand for almost 20 minutes and deliver a long lecture after being shot in the heart and slit by a sword is something the makers should learn to come out of. The sequence and arrangement of the storyline was not smooth and there were few patches that came in between drifting the audience away from the plot. The good side is the masses will have something to relish given the glamour songs and also some scenes from Jagapathi Babu. Otherwise, there is nothing much in it.