Abhinandana Video Songs

Lalithasri Combines
Lalithasri Combines
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Love, Musical

Abhinandana Video Songs
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Abhinandana directed by veteran camera man Ashok Kumar, has a very simple straightforward story. Raja (Kartik) and Rani( Shobana) are deeply in love. Ranis sister (Rajyalakshmi) is married to Srikanth( Sarathbabu), a successful music company owner. However her sisters untimely death forces Rani to marry Srikanth, so that their kids dont miss their mother. A distraught Raja, roams about, until he is spotted by Srikanth himself. Srikanth gives him a break as a singer, and he tries to unite the lovers again. Kartik had already appeared in a couple of direct Telugu movies like Seethakokachiluka, Anveshana etc, Sobhana was just then making her mark as a heroine in Telugu movies. Both of them were already established in Tamil and Malayalam movie industry. When the movie was released in 1988, Karthik had already shot to stardom with his role in Maniratnams 1987 classic Mounaragam as a dare devil lover boy. Good performances from Karthik, Shobana and Sarathbabu , coupled with excellent songs, made this movie a success.

Ilayaraja composed the songs for this album, with lyrics by Manusu kavi Atreya. All the songs are sung by S.Janaki and S.P.Balasubramaniam. Matter of fact Janaki was IRs favorite singer in his early years, but later he used Chitra more. Soft, melodious and pleasing, Abhinandana, is one of IRs best albums. You wont feel like fast forwarding any single song in this album.