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Cast: Kalyan Ram Nandamuri, Ramya, Benarjee, Telangana Sakuntala, Raghunatha Reddy, Sowcar Janaki, Suhasini, Venu Madhav, Rajitha, Ali
Director: A Mallikarjuna Rao
MusicDirector: Mani Sharma
Cinemotograpy: V Srinivasa Reddy
Screenplay: A Mallikarjuna Rao
Producer: T N Venkatesh
Banner: Sri Rockline Movies
Presents: Sri Rockline Movies
Movie Genre: Romance
Release Date: November 12, 2003

Kalyan Ram, Ramya, Benarjee, Telangana Sakuntala, Raghunatha Reddy, Sowcar Janaki, Suhasini, VenuMadhav, Rajitha, Ali.


Abhimanyu (Kalyan Ram Nandamuri) is a college going student and his mother Janaki (Suhasini) is a physically handicapped lady. Jaleel Khan (Pavan Malhotra) is a landlord at Cudappah, who hates the word called love. Sairabanu (Spandana) is his daughter who wants to do her further studies in Hyderabad. Jaleel Khan is not comfortable with that idea, but sends his daughter to Hyderabad with a firm instruction that she should concentrate on studies and avoid indulging any other activities.

Sairabanu - with her guardians (Ali & Rajitha) - rents a place which is in the first floor of Abhiram's house. Sairabanu & Abhimanyu's introduction starts with teasing and slowly the forbidden thing happens. They fall in love. And Jaleel Khan comes to know about it and takes his daughter back to Cudappah.

When Abhimanyu visits Cudappah to meet his love Sairabanu, he comes to know that there is a remote connection to his family and Sairabanu's family. The rest of the film is all about finding the connection between the two families and then marry his lady love with the permission of elders from both the sides.

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Singer(s): Karthik Raja
Lyrics: Chandra Bose
Singer(s): Unnikrishnan
Lyrics: Chandra Bose
Singer(s): Udit Narayan, Sujatha
Lyrics: Chandra Bose
Singer(s): Mallikarjun, Gopika Poornima
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Singer(s): Vijay Yesudas, Kalpana
Lyrics: Chandra Bose
Singer(s): Harini, Tippu
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