Aa Okkati Adakku Video Songs

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Aa Okkati Adakku Video Songs
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The film ‘ Aa.. Okkati Adakku’ is a complete comedy movie. The performance of comedy Hero Rajendra Prasad as a son-in-law in the film is wonderful. He gets full marks for his action. RaoGoaplarao , as a father-in-law attracted audience in drove with his unique dialogue delivery and uncommon performance.The story is very nice. It is like this. Rajnedra Prasad is a young unemployed bachelor who believes in superstitions. He strictly follows all good time and bad times according to Hindu calendar. He also believes in astrology and prediction. He meets an astrologer to know his future. The astrologer advices him that he will become king soon after marriage and after finishing his first night. From that day onwards he becomes proud and behave as if he is a King. He rejects all good salaried jobs and insults the employers who offer him those jobs. But he fells in love with Rambha, the only daughter of millionaire RaoGopala Rao. RaoGoapla rao is a respectable man and believes in labor and hardwork. He earned all his money with hard work. SO he is fond of people who reaches high position through hard work and labor. But when her daughter chooses Rajendra Prasad as her Husband, he denies at first. He agrees finally for the marriage just because of great attachment with his daughter. Soon RajendraPrasad marries Rambha. But Raogaopal rao will not allow rajendra Prasad to the first night ceremony. He asks his son-law to earn one lakh rupee and proceed further. Now begin the actual story. The cat-mouse chase between son-in-law and father-in-law is very funny. One must watch this film to enjoy the various situations faced by RajendraPrasad to meet the challenge.Music is excellent. I liked all the songs in the film. especially the song ‘Rajadhi rajaanu nenu ra’ is humorous. If you are tensed with busy life, then watch this film to get a great relief