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Chinna and Asha Saini, rechristened Mayuri, move into a new house with their two kids. Chinna is an atheist but is shown as a man who is concerned about the tulasi plant drying up countless times in the portico. He is puzzled and curious about the weeping sounds in the house, his wife falling sick, getting hysterical periodically, the maid and a friend's death, the constant arguments that has been creating a distance between the couple and finally his kid getting aggressive and violent. Ramjagan who plays Chinna's friend blames the house for all the mishaps and advises him to see an astrologer but the latter is reluctant, he on one occasion throws of the charm/armulet that's been tied around his son's wrist.

It is revealed in the very beginning that Mayuri is possessed but the director succeeds in grabbing your attention and makes one wonder who the ghost is and why she had possessed his wife. This is not a riveting story but the film does boast of some eerie moments, it could scare kids if not accompanied by an adult but the sad part is that the finale is bland. A better-penned climax, a fresh idea would have given it a taut finish.Aa Intlo is a horror film that marks the debut of actor Chinna as a director. Devna Pani is okay, Mayuri comes across well throughout, dishes out a confident performance. The lady who has been relegated to item numbers in films gets a good and deft role and Ramjagan, Jhansi look their part and lend credibility. Aa Intlo starts off well, gets better as it unfolds into the climax it leaves you with a feeling of déjà vu. In the final scene, after the funeral, Chinna with his children go past the haunted house and they spot a ghost again and the filmmaker says.."The Story Continues" leaving the audience confused. A little more effort and the film could have come up with better result.