3 (Three) Trailers

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3 (Three) Trailers
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This is story of Ram (Dhanush) and Janani (Shruti Haasan), who fall in love at very young age and decide to marry after their graduation. Unexpected events happen and Ram dies. Rest of the story is about the reasons for his death.

Dhanush came up with extraordinary show yet again. He has lived the character which required him to show various shades of life. He simply excelled in his role. He can expect more awards out of this. Shruti Haasan fails as an actress. She is pathetic in sorrowful scenes. She has gone over the board many a time and it would be hard to bear her ‘performance’. She is definitely not a Kamal in acting. Rohini, Bhanu Priya and others did well.


Techincally the movie is very good. Aishwarya had a very talented crew at her hands and they have done excellent job behind the screen. Anirudh’s music is pretty impressive. Kolaveri failed to reach the expectations on screen. Background score is good. Cinematography is another asset to the movie. Art department deserves a pat. Production values are nice.
Aishwarya excelled as a director in dealing with the teenage love. She should have stuck to a colorful love subject rather falling into the trap of Tamil dark movies. She failed to bring the right emotions in the latter half of the movie. Saying so, Aishwarya do have few qualities to become a good director, but she needs some fine tuning.

As every Tamil film that is releasing in Telugu these days, 3 too is a film with dark shades. This film starts on a colorful note and turns dark and gets darker as the movie progresses. It will be hard to digest the film as it is extremely depressing.