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Real/Other Names:: Vishal Krishna Reddy, Vishal Krishna
Date of Birth:: August 29, 1977(Age-33)
Place of Birth:: Andhra Pradesh, India

Family and Relations

Father: G.K Reddy
Brother: Vikram Krishna Reddy

Mini Biography

Vishal's strong passion for got him an apprenticeship with Ram Gopal Varma, just after he completed Visual Communication at Loyola College, Chennai.But for his parent’s desire to have him closer to home, he canceled hisflight ticket to Mumbai and headed to the decks of actor-director Arjun’s production house.

Vishal’s tenure as assistant to Arjun for the films Vedham & Ezhumalaiexposed him not only to the nuances of direction but also aspects forexcellence in the performing branch. A chance encounter with G.J. teamhad his providence rewritten on a different path. Their offer to casthim as the protagonist in their venture Chellamaewas accepted by Vishal after a careful consideration. With his zeal andsincerity, he did not land directly on the sets, rather took up athree-month acting lessons from a Koothupatrai troupe.

He had 3 back-to-back hits with Chellamae, Sandakozhi and Thimiru which all became dubbed in telugu.

His father G.K. Reddy was one of the veteran producers of Tamil films, having made quite a few films with top actors like Sivaji Ganesan in 'Poo Parikka Varugirom', though he quit production after that due to failure in the business.

His brother, Vikram Krishna Reddy, who was formerly an actor under the name 'Ajay' and acted with Sivaji in Poo Parikka Varugirom, took off from where his father left and produced two films, Sandakozhi and Thimiru,starring Vishal. Vikram Krishna married to Shreya Reddy who is aco-star to his brother Vishal in Thimiru (the heroin who died due toacid attack in the first half(In Telugu She died because of electricshock).

His 4th film, Sivappathigaram was an average grosser while his 5th film Thamiraparani with popular director Hari achieved enough box-office success, after it opened in Pongal 2007, to be dubbed in Telugu as Barani.His next film Malaikottai was also a hit.

His next film will be a Tamil-Telugu bilingual, titled 'Sathyam' inTamil, which had a soft launch in Chennai on July 2007, and 'Salute' inTelugu, which had a big launch on August 15, Indian Independence Day inHyderabad.However, the movie rather broke Vishal's streak of success as it was declared as a flop.

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