Umarji Anuradha

Dialogue Writer
Umarji Anuradha
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Umarji Anuradha Nobody enjoys a joke better than dialogue writer Umarji Anuradha. When she giggles, there is no stopping her. This Marathi-speaking journalist from Eenadu had interviewed Pawan Kalyan so many times that one day he asked her to try her hand at dialogue writing for films. She took the advice seriously and made her debut with Ye Maaya Chesave.

Her lines and Chinmayi's husky voice was the most talked about for some time. Though she has worked on Gaganam and 180, her desire is to write dialogues for a high energy Ravi Teja starrer. "I want to write vaadi card geeki, vaadi chellelni goki type of dialogues from Don Seenu and prove that even a woman is capable of writing and freaking out on pucca mass and masala movies," she says with child-like excitement.