Sri Charan

Music Director, Singer
Sri Charan
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Sricharan is the next best rap thing to happen to the Tamil film industry. He's the voice behind the popular Oh Supernovabut also has a full-time job at an automobile company. Interestingly no one at his workplace knows about his identity as a rapper and Sricharan likes to keep it that way. We caught up with him for a lowdown on his journey so far.

Maya magic

Initially I was doing music direction for ad jingles for various clients like Radio Mirchi, Subhiksha, Sutherland etc. That's where I met my wife, Maya who has literally brought magic into my life. I had called her for singing a jingle and she told me I had a nice voice and should take up singing seriously. She told me that Vijay Antony needed someone who could write good rap.

The Butterfly Effect

I did the rap in the song Thozhiya yen kadhaliyafor Vijay Antony. It took a long time for the song to release and even after that there were no offers so I thought it was a onetime thing. One fine day G.V.Prakash called. He told me he loved my voice and had been searching for the singer. I was so happy that someone had listened to my work and thought I was good enough to hire. I did some re-recording with him for a Telugu movie. Soon after that I got a call from Selvaganesh and I did the title track in pure Tamil rap for “Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu.” I passed on that CD to Harris. He gave me the title track of “Ayan,” Oh supernovaand Yenno yenno panithuli and Dekho dekhoin “Aadhavan.” Recently I rapped for Ajit in “Asal.”