Actor, Supporting Cast
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Rajanala Kaleswara Rao Naidu (Kalliah) (popularly known as Rajanala) was an Indian film actor well known for his negative roles in Telugu filmdom during the 1950s and 1960s. The grand old man of Telugu cinema, H M Reddy, introduced Rajanala through his film Prathigna (1953) 1 Before coming to Cinema, he won several awards and accolades for his acting in Theatre. He was a noted villain against N.T.Rama Rao, a versatile actor of Telugu filmdom at that time.

Rajanala has a very good and well proportioned body and his iconic acting was mostly through the movement of his eyes. He used to show the cruelty of a villain through his way of looking and widening of his eyes to various levels. His villain laugh was very famous. He acted in above 100 telugu films as villain and renowned as a good actor.

Health and Death
In his last days his leg was amputated as he was suffering from diabetes.