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Nanditha is one of the promising peacock term young singers in the Kannada film industry. She is a software engineer by profession. She was formerly working with Cisco systems. But because of her love for the music she has given up her information technology profession and now fully into music. She is a greatly talented veena player too and has passed the veena vidhwat exam. Her musical career started as a track singer for music director Hamsalekha. Hamsalekha gave her the first break in his film Habba in 1998. She never looked back after that. She went to R. V. College of Engineering in Bangalore, Karnataka.

She has worked with many big names in the music industry like Ilayaraja, Manomurthy, Hamsalekha, V Manohar, Rajesh Ramanath and many more. She has won the Karnataka state award for three consecutive times and she is the only singer so far from Karnataka to achieve that. She has established herself as a dubbing artist too. She has dubbed for hit films like Nanna Preetiya Hudugi (for deepa), Paris Pranaya (for Minal patel). She has won many filmfare awards. She recently won the south Indian filmfare award for the best female singer for the song Kariya I love you from Duniya. Some of her songs are

Idu modalane hadu (Matadana)
Moodal kunigal kere (Nanna preetiya hudugi)
Jeerjimbe jeerjimbe (Manasella neene)
Akashakke obba soorya (Jogula)- State award for this song
Ede tumbi hadidenu (Paris pranaya)-State award for this song
Moda modalu (Yeshwant)
Akka (Kallarali hoovagi)-State award for this song
Sihi gali (Aa dinagalu)
Kariya i love you (Duniya)
Hoo kanasa jokali (Inti ninna preetiya)