Lakshmi Bhoopal

Dialogue Writer
Lakshmi Bhoopal
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Lakshmi Bhoopal Better known as the script writer of 'Breaking News Babu Rao' a serialized skit for an FM channel, Lakshmi Bhoopal recollects having written the lyrics of 'Sakkubayine' in Krishna Vamsi's Chandamama in two hours. The Censor Board muted one word and the director was upset, he reprimanded the lyricist and told him that he had cast a blot on his movie, his life. Lakshmi replied that a Chandamama would be incomplete without blemishes. The song became a hit and the blot that Vamsi spoke about turned out to be a 'disti chukka', a dot meant to ward off evil.

Pleased with the result, Krishna Vamsi gave him another opportunity to write 'Jajjanakka' for Srikanth's 100th film Mahatma. Lakshmi is now busy working for Manoj's upcoming thrilling entertainer 'Oo Kodatara Ulikki Padatara'.