LB Sriram

Date of Birth: July 02, 1965
Screenplay, Supporting Cast, Dialogue Writer
Nandi Award for Best Dialogue Writer for Ramasakkanodu 1999 Nandi Award for Best dialogue writer of the year 2009 is Sontha Ooru
LB Sriram
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L.B. Sri Ram (Lanka Bhadradri Sri Ram. Telugu:లంక భద్రాద్రి శ్రీరామ్) is a successful screen-writer, stand-up comedian and Film actor.

Career - as a writer

Sriram's entry into Film Industry progressed step by step. After proving himself as a playwright and actor for 20 years through his family’s Mahati Theatre Society, he took the plunge into films as Screen writer in 1988.

L.B. Sri ram wrote dialogues for over 40 films like April 1st Vidudhala, Appula Appa Rao, Seetharatnamgari Abbayi, Hello Brother and Hitler most of which had a successful run in theaters. Awards and titles have chased him than the other way round.

His talent took him to various places in Europe and elsewhere. He fondly remembers being honoured at a festival -- LB Rangasthala Navarasa Naatakotsavam -- where all his seven plays including Lanka Dahanam, Hushkaki and Padmavyuham were staged by well-known theatre luminaries like Misro and Subbaraya Sharma. A book titled LB Rangasthala Rachanabhishekam with the cover page carrying his sketch by Bapu, brought out on the occasion, was the most memorable thing he cherishes.His play Prapancha Tantram was selected by Akashvani and was broadcast on the national hook-up in almost all languages in 1991.

Career - as an actor
Sri Ram's entry into films, as an Actor, progressed step by step. His acting career started as a guest appearance in several films. But, he got a break as an actor in the year 2000 with the movie Chaala Bagundi which was directed by E.V.V. Satyanarayana . Immediately after the wholesome comedy Chaala Bagundi, he got an oppurtunity to do a sentimentally emotional film Ammo Okato Thareekhu based on his own play Onteddubandi.

Lb sriram is one of the popular names in Tollywood as a versatile actor, mainly recognized as a comedian and successful dialogue writer. He has given remarkable dialogues for many successful telugu movies in which Hello Brother, Appula Apparao, April 1st Vidudhala, Hitler and other movies earned him good name.

He got Nandi award for the movie Ramasakkanodu as a dialogue writer and another nandi award for the movie Chala Bagundi as a best comedian, he played a remarkable charcter in this movie. The address comedy scene between lb sriram and ms narayana, l kapila comedy scene and the scene between tanikella bharani and lb sriram at the railway station makes all telugu comedy lovers enjoy a lot. This movie was a big hit directed by telugu comedy director E.V.V.Satyanarayana.

After this successful movie lb sriram got various comedy roles in most of the telugu movies. Being a versatile actor he is known for his sentiment roles, the character played by him in the movie Ammo Okato Thareekhu explains his talent in playing sentiment roles as well. He had also received many awards and titles for his exceptional writing and acting.

Most of the comedy roles played by him under the direction of E.V.V.Satyanarayana. lb sriram calls his favorite director E.V.V.Satyanarayana as ‘Guruvugaru’ for giving a remarkable charchter in the movie ‘chala bagundi’ and this role has given a life for his comedian career. These days lb sriram is busy as a comedian and as well as writing dialogues for some of the upcoming movies and in future he is interested to direct the films as well.

Nandi Award for Best Dialogue Writer for Ramasakkanodu 1999
Nandi Award for Best dialogue writer of the year 2009 is Sontha Ooru