Director, Screenplay
Years Active:
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Born Chennai, India
Occupation Film director1
Years active 2002 - present

Hari is a Tamil film director. He is basically from a Tirunelveli - Hindu Nadar family. He worked as assistant director with director Sharan. As of 2010 update, he has directed ten films, the latest being Singam, one of the biggest Tamil hits of 2010. He is married to former actress Preetha, daughter of Vijayakumar, and has a son named Sreeram.dead link During the shooting for Seval, Preetha gave birth to a baby boy, their third son.

Background and career
Hari was born in Katcahnavillai near Nazerath in Tuticorin District, Tamil Nadu, India. His father, Gopal Nadar, is a vessels merchant. Hari has directed many commercially successful films, including Thamizh, Saamy, Ayya, Aaru, Thamirabharani, Vel, and Singam. His movies mainly revolve around family dramas happening in towns or villages of Tamil Nadu.