Date of Birth: June 27, 1967
Music Director, Singer
Best New Play Back Singer, Nandi Award, Rajiv Gandhi National Integrated Award, Best Film Journalist Award, Manasa Veena Ugadi Puraskar, Best Singer and Music Director, Twin Cities (Hyderabad & Secunderabad) Best Singer Award, Samgeeta Ratna Ghantasala Award
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Childhood and Education

Gangadhar was born on 27th June, 1967 in the village 'Koduru' near Vijayawada to Smt.Sree Lakshmi and Sri Kasi Vishwanatha Sharma. Both parents, being Singers, he had an in-built attraction towards music. He realised the meaning of his life lied in music and considered songs as his life. He was encouraged and supported by his parents, teachers, friends and the villagers.

Gangadhar's school days were spent in "Avanigadda". He received a degree in B.A from Nagarjuna University. He never neglected music even as a student. The singer who claims that he practised Ghantasala's songs playing with his dad and Annamayya's song in his mother's lap, was not only a good student at studies but was also got a fame being school, college, district and State level best singer.


After completing his degree in 1987, he came to Hyderabad and started a life of Accountant. Even as a professional at job, he never neglected practising music and he took training from the best music teachers. He always tried to improve his talent. In 1990, he was selected as a journalist in "Sitara", a films based weekly run by Eenadu. In the final interview, Ramoji was touched by the multi-talented personality of Gangadhar and appointed him. It was a moment of pride for the singer when Ramoji Rao himself asked him to sing a song for him after the interview was done. Since then, he worked for Sitara for 12 long years and attracted everyone with his unique and affable personality. Apart from this, he gave programs on many prestigious stages and got a recognition of being a great singer. He gave his voice for more than 100 Films in Telugu, Kannada. He worked with almost all the popular music directors and eminent singers of South India. Well known as a singer, anchor, music director and an artist, Gangadhar even bagged the fame of being "A" Grade singer for All India Radio (AIR) and Doordarshan. The Albums that he created, got a good market response. Apart from this, he owns a special position in the hearts of millions of music lovers, at homeland and abroad.

Apart from giving musical shows on National and International daises and singing in films, he took the sacred mission of completing the remaining part of Bhagavadgita slokas started by the eternal Music Maestro Ghantasala, to present to the Telugu people. He gives a call to all the Telugu people to be a part of this "YAGNAM" which is being taken forward under the strict vigilance of India's famous philosophers and music consummates.

Musical life

A Journey of Musical Life

Smt. Sreelakshmi sang devotional songs, M.S. Subbulakshmi's Keerthanas to the little Gangadhar and increased his zeal in learning music. The little Gangadhar was gaining knowledge, as the Ghantasala songs sung by his father Sri Kasi Viswanatha Sharma, made him create his own interest in music. The first song that he heard from his father was "Ghana Ghana Sundara" of Ghantasala.

First Musical Competition

The Seventh Standard kid bagged his first victory by competing in a music competition. His friends and teachers encouraged by making him sing for them. With the encouragement and support, not only the confidence levels raised in the young lad but also the interest for music. He had a keen ear for the songs of Ghantasala as he used to hear them often from his father. He always showed his enthusiasm in listening to this music maestro's songs in Radio and otherwise too. He became a devotee to Ghantasala.. The sweetness in his songs.. the zeal.. the culture, the values of customs.. the preaching.. nothing was missed off the observance of young Gangadhar. It became his life.. his world.. practice. No wonder, these qualities made Gangadhar take the unique position of the singer who sang so many songs of Ghantasala in various parts of the world, in the recent times. Smt. Savitri, wife of Ghantasala and their son, Sri Vijaya Kumar listened keenly to the songs and always showered their praises.

As a kid, Gangadhar wrote the verses of songs in a diary, when listening to songs from Vividha Bharathi and AIR Vijayawada. If he missed some lines in the first go, he used to fill them when he heart them later. The diary is still an asset to Gangadhar and it is safely with him till today.

Young Gangadhar never missed any Bhajans / Harikatha programs conducted in his village by saints and sanths. He used to inquire about the various 'ragas' in which they sung the poems and songs and then analyzed how a 'raga' makes and takes a song.

In those days, people found it tough to sing Ghantasala's "Shiva Shakari", "Pushpavilapam", "Rasika Raju", "Jaya Krishna Mukunda Murari" of Panduranga Mahatyam, but Gangadhar practiced them till he can rule over them.

Understanding the interest that their son had in music, Ghangadhar's father encouraged him to take part in various music competitions even if it needed the payment of an entry fee. His mother suggested him songs that suit to that particular competition.

Gangadhar was encouraged by famous politician, ex-minister Sri Mandali Venkata Krishna Rao, father of Sri Buddha Prasad, State Minister. With the blessings and encouragement he received since as a child, Gangadhar decided to devote his life to music, after the completion of degree. An artist holds the pride of gaining respect from a ordinary person to the rulers. Holding this thought in mind, he left to Hyderabad in 1987 to make its his base by hearing from the great musicians present here. His maternal uncles Sri Venkata Appa Rao, Sri Rama Chandra Murthy, Sri Srinivas stood by his decision.

Though, job became a compulsion for livelihood, Gangadhar's Vision was always directed towards music. He learned music from great music teachers including Sri Rangam Gopalaratnam, Sri Vasa Padmanabham, Dr.Kovela Shanta, Srimati Hari Priya (One of Hyderabad Sisters), Sri Nalluri Sudheer Kumar. Along with the training that he had undergone, his undeviated hard work and rigorous practice made him reach new heights in his music career. As a famous singer, film play back signer, music director, program anchor, he not only got good fame in India but also made a memorable place in the hearts of the people abroad. He was a music director for many television serials, private albums and musical programs of many reputed companies.

He soon gained a fame of being celebrity apart from being an artist and was recognised by many International Telugu Organisations. Recently TANA (Telugu Association of North America) respected his by presenting "Gana Gandharva" Award. He was honored by former Prime Minister Late P.V.Narasimha Rao, former Chief Minister Late Nandamoori Taraka Rama Rao, Bharata Ratna Pandit Ravi Shakar, Gyaanpeeth Awardee Dr. C. Narayana Reddy, Chief Minister Dr. Rajasekhar Reddy, former Chief Minister Sri Nara Chandra Babu Naidu, Eenadu Ramoji Rao, Great Actor Dr. Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Big B Amitabh Bachhan, Megastar Chiranjeevi, Tamil Super Star Ranji Kanth and many more eminent people of various fields.
In the world of film music, he got many compliments by co-singing with many great singers. The unique tinge in the melodious voice of Gangadhar is to pass the meaning of the song to the audience than mere singing. The perfect blend of song, singer, music, meaning experience by the audience made him hold a special position in the hearts of the audience.


There is no famous dais where Gangadhar didn't hold his musical show in Andhra Pradesh. Let it be any occasion, any audience, Gangadhar mesmerizes everyone with his nectar of music. He sways away the audience with his mellifluous singing. He was honored and respected with Awards and Rewards by many National and International Organizations.
He took the awards for being a Best Singer and Music Director, many a times. He ever bagged the prestigious Nandi Award from Andhra Pradesh Government.

Gangadhar took a special permanent place in the hearts of his audience. He was showered with love by his audience in the form of standing ovations during his musical shows. New York Telugu Society honored him with "Gana Tapasvi" Award. The Europe Telugu Association of Berminghom and England honored him with "Ghantasala" Award. Hoston, USA presented him "Naadha Brahma Ghantasala" Award. The welcome songs composed and sung by the singer for TANA, ATA opening Ceremonies, were reputed as master pieces of music. He extensively gave musical shows in all main cities of America, England and Singapore.

Not only did he perform the role of a co-singer with singers like S.P.Bala Subrahmanyam, Jikki, Leela, Jamunarani, Rao Bala Saraswati, Susheela, Jananki, Jesudas, Manisharma, Nagoor Babu but he was also present as a music Director during shows with them.

As a Play back Singer

In a musical show organised by "Abhinandana" Cultural Organization in 1992, Gangadhar presented Ghantalsala's Pushpavilapam". Present for the show were Dr. C.Narayana Reddy, Gummadi Venkateshwara Rao, Dasari Narayana Rao, Srimati Vanisri.

C.Narayana Reddy appreciated Gangadhar in his speech and quoted that the credit goes to that Director who will introduce Gangadhar in his films and forecasted Gangadhar has bright future ahead. Soon after that Dasari Narayana Rao promised on the stage that he'll make a Gangadhar sing for 2 sogns in his then upcoming film, "Nannagaru". Gangadhar was called to Madras, now, Chennai for songs recording. Dasari blessed him apart from the remuneration and Flight Tickets given to Gangadhar. Since then, in the film music journey of Gangadhar, he bagged more than 100 films.

The famous songs by Gangadhar that brought him to limelight are a duet in the Shakamoori Mallikarjun's film "Madhya Taragati Mahabharatam", music directed by Madhavapeddi Suresh, "Vedukondama..Venkatagiri Venkateshwaruni" in Annamayya, "Kapatamerugani papala" of "Maa Baapu Bommaku Pellanta" etc.,

Nannagaru, Annamayya, Maa Baapu Bommaku Pellanta, Taali, Madhyataragati Mahabharatam, Vandemataram, Naatho Vastavaa, Nijam, Chantigadu are films to name a few, in which Gangadhar gave his voice.
Gangadhar worked under great music directors like Ilaya Raja, Madhavapeddi Suresh, Hamsalekha Devara, Sasi Preetam, Deva, Nalluri Sudhir Kumar, Koti, Srilekha, Ghantadi Krishna, R.P.Patnaik, Vandematram Srinivas etc.,

Kannada Breakthrough
Gangadahr even sang for few Kannada films. Suvvi Suvvali, Amrutha Varshini and Prema Raga Hedu Galathi are the films he worked for.

Awards Felicitations

In 1994 awarded "Best New Play Back Singer" by Vamsi International Film Society.

In 1995 Andhra Pradesh Government facilitated with "Nandi Award"

In 1995 Gita Art Theaters, Hyderabad awarded with "Rajiv Gandhi National Integrated Award".

In 1995 "Best Film Journalist Award" by Dasari Musical Academy, Guntur.
In 1997 "Manasa Veena Ugadi Puraskar"
In 1997 "Best Singer and Music Director" awarded by Sarvardha Samkshema Samithi.
In 2000 "Twin Cities (Hyderabad & Secunderabad) Best Singer Award" by Andhra P

Andhra Pradesh Kalavedika, Hyderaba felicitated with "Samgeeta Ratna Ghantasala Award" in the year 2003.

In 2003 European Telugu Association felicitated with "Ghantasala Award".

In 2003 Houston Telugu Association, U.S.A felicitated with "Nada Brahma Ghantasala Award".

In 2003 received "Kala Bandhu T. Subbirami Reddy Sahitya Puraskar"

"Gayaka Mouli Award" by Kala Rajyam Cultural Organization, Hyderabad in the year 2004.

"Gana Gandharva Ghantasala Puraskar" by Melu Kalayika Foundation, Bangalore in the year 2004.
In 2004 "Best Singer Award" for Srinivasa Leelalu, ganga Serials telecasted in Gemini TV
In 2006 "Ugadi Puraskaram"
In 2006 "Rashtreeya Siromani Award" by Delhi Telugu Academy.

1995 felicitation by Late Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao

For 1997, 1998 and 1999 Ugadi felicitated by Sri Nara Chandra Babu Naidu.

In 2006 felicitated by Ghantasala Kala Samithi, Addamki

In 2006 felicitated by Andhra Pradesh Kala Vedika on the occasion of Ghantasala Cine Vajrotsavalu.
In 2006 felicitation by BTA (Bay Area of Telugu Association, Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A)
In 2006 awarded "Gana Tapasvi" by Newyark Telugu Association.

Bhagavadgitha Foundation

All know the teachings of Bhagavadgita. But its inner spiritual wisdom has become known to the world only after only the great singer Padmasree Ghantasala Venkateswara Rao sang it in a divine melodious way.

There are 18 Adhayas with 701 shlokas in total in BHAGAVADGITA. Unfortunately
due to failing health, Sri Ghantasala Venkateswara Rao could recite only 108 shlokas.

It is also sad that he was not alive to listen his own renedition.

However, Ghntasala had sung and gave commentary for only the selected 108 slokas of the 701 slokas contained in the 18 Chapters of the Gita. The reason was his deteriorating health. Unfortunately he could not listen to record of even his own 108 slokas. Taking Sri Ghantasala's noble desire to sing the entire Bhagavad-Gita as my ideal, adapting his singing pattern to carry the wonderful melody to all the listeners of the world and maintaining the wonderful Telugu culture and its traditions, I have taken up this as "Sampoorna BHGAVADGEETA Gaana Yagna" with the inspiration given by famous film writer Sri J.k. Bharavi and with the blessings of resident and non-resident Telugus who complimented me as a singer with a melodious voice and perfect diction.

Though many singers have sung Gita earlier, Gita has regained its spiritual nature only in the melodious rendering of Ghantasala, I am singing the 108 slokas already sung by him and tuning and singing the other 593 slokas of the Gita, following same the spirit, scale and style as it is, set by that divine singer.

Unforgettable Moments

As a part of "Krishna Mahostav", the musical night presented by Singer Gangadhar's team made the audience sway away in the world of music. Time passed away as seconds and the team was presenting its best to quench the music thirst of audience. Being a program organised also because of the reason of Veturi's 70th Birthday, most of the songs that were a part of the program, were penned by him. The program ended successfully. Veturi was called on the dais to give his speech as a part of closing of the event. AFter a couple of silent moments, once he determined that he is into this world from the world of music the team had taken him, he was happy to express the rise of musical maestro Ghantasala again in the form of Singer Gangadhar. Moved by his music, Veturi told that he never thought that Gangadhar was such a talented person and wished him to have a bright future ahead.

As a part of Manisharma's shows, Gangadhar and his team had to visit places like San Fransisco, Chicago, Huston, Detroit, Washington, Barmingham, etc., After singing "Shiv Shankari", when Gangadhar sang supportive "Bhagavad Gita Slokas" closing his eyes to feel and fill the sacredness in the voice, he was warmly greeted by a standing ovation by the time he completed it and opened his eyes.