Allari Naresh

He received Nandi Award, as a Best Supporting Actor 2009 for his Performance in Gamyam
Years Active:
Allari Naresh
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Real/Other Names:: Naresh
Date of Birth:: June 30, 1982(Age-28)
Place of Birth:: Hyderabad,India

Family and Relations
Father: EVV Satyanarayana
Brother: Aryan rajesh

Mini Biography
This tall and skinny actor of Tollywood is capable of doing comedy hero roles. His career started with Allari, a comedy film, which did average business at the box office. Though Naresh was well appreciated, his slim body was initially a let down.
Later, with the movie Kithakitalu, a solid hit directed by his father EVV, he proved that his sleeky body is apt for such comedy roles and that turned out to be the right break he needed. In 2008, he was given the "Star of the Year" award.
He had 8 movie released in 2008 and 5 of them were hits while 2 were average and 1 was a flop. Maa Alludu Very Good was another movie which rocked all over. He is considered to create a bench mark for comedy roles. Naresh, due to his comedy timing, has been the lookout for small budget produders. He generally imitates the characters of other big heroes' films in a satirical manner which has always received great accolades.

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Allari Naresh
Allari Naresh
Allari Naresh Wedding
Allari Naresh Wedding